Herni Susanti, S.Kp, MN, Ph.D

Herni is a mental health professional who started her career 20 years ago when she joined in the Mental Health Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia. Since then, she has been enthusiastic to satisfy her passion around the development of mental health in her country and worldwide. Her curiosity has brought her to experience of learning in the Curtin of Technology, Australia from 2003-2005 and in the University of Manchester, UK from 2011­-2015 to complete her magister and PhD in mental health consecutively.

As a lecturer, she has been teaching to undergraduate and post-graduate students with a number of units related to her expertise including therapeutic communication for health professionals, mental health nursing, and stress and coping. Her teaching role is not only limited in classes, but also in settings where her students need guidance and practical knowledge during clinical placement. To add, this teaching tasks also cover other units that she is qualified such as qualitative research and English for nurses.

Herni is also excited to conduct research which is relevant to her interest. For example, a study with colleagues about job stress of Indonesian and Japanese Nurses in 2008-2010 was meaningful for her researcher career. The provision of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on individuals with drugs abuse in 2010 was also valuable to test the intervention that was being developed for Indonesian nurses. Her research competencies have been enhanced throughout the 4-year-PhD, as she was supervised by experts in studying the needs of carers from mental health services in Indonesia. Finally, as one of research members who is developing nursing standard in disaster risk management for health this year is considered as challenging yet motivating because it demands the integration of mental health in the discussions. Herni’s research activities will continue due to her role as the supervisor for her undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking research projects. Some of these research products have been published in the national or international journals.

Herni is now holding a position as the manager of corporation and ventura Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia. She is also responsible for some organizations such the Head of The Center of Indonesian Service and Development of Mental Health Disaster Nursing, Vice President of Mental Health collegium in Indonesia, and Coordinator of Research division in the Indonesian Mental Health Nurses Association. She is also one of editors in a number of national Journals.

Herni believes that there are many opportunities to develop herself in the future. Herni’s main goal is that her knowledge and expertise can be useful to others as possible as she can.